Committee Spotlight on: Ella Stening (NSW)

Let us feature our next committee member, Ella Stening for this week’s ‘Spotlight on Committee’ series… Ella brings in a big-picture attitude and a joyful disposition in all things hospitality … Continued

Committee Spotlight on: Trent Everitt (WA)

Next up on our radar for ‘Spotlight on Committee’, we have a new Committee member, Trent Everitt… Part of the WA Committee, Trent is a fairly recent devotee of wine. … Continued

Committee Spotlight on: Gill Sykes (VIC)

On ‘Spotlight on Committee’ this week, let’s focus on Gill Sykes… As a member of the VIC Committee, Gill brings in her expertise in the retail and marketing fields, alongside … Continued

Committee Spotlight on: Iesha Poor (WA)

As one of our newest committee members, lets highlight Iesha Poor for this week’s ‘Spotlight on Committee’ series… Part of Sommeliers Australia’s WA committee, Iesha is always enriching and challenging … Continued

Committee Spotlight: Tim O’Donnell (NEC & VIC)

For this week’s ‘Spotlight on Committee’ series, let’s highlight Tim O’Donnell… As a member of both the National Executive Committee and the VIC committee, Tim is focused on mentoring the … Continued

Committee Spotlight on: Noah Rozenfeld (VIC)

For today’s ‘Spotlight on Committee’, let’s check in with Noah Rozenfeld… Growing up in the coastal side of Haifa, Israel, Noah started his hospitality journey in New Zealand, where industry … Continued

Committee Spotlight on: Mirco Tarducci (WA)

Let’s meet Mirco Tarducci for this week’s ‘Spotlight on Committee’… Originally from Italy, Mirco’s love for hospitality has taken him to different countries, eventually landing him in Perth, Western Australia … Continued

Committee Spotlight on: Evan Milne (VIC)

For today’s ‘Spotlight on Committee’, we are highlighting Evan Milne @stockonhand… Evan is one of the longest serving committee members of Sommeliers Australia for Victoria. His heart is in supporting … Continued