Spotlight on: Ellen Franzén

Name: Ellen Franzén (Sweden) I am: Head sommelier at Restaurant Gastrologik, Stockholm. What inspired me to become a sommelier: To be able to work with something I really love, everyday! I have also been very lucky to meet a lot of people that inspired me to compete. My role model is: The achievements of Gerard … Continued

Spotlight on: Meira Harel

Name: Meira Harel (Adelaide, AU) I am: Co-Founder of GROW Assembly, Sommelier, Wine consultant and a mum. What inspired me to become a sommelier: I worked at a little French restaurant back home (Israel) as a restaurant manager and the chef/owner who was Swiss and knew so much about wine and beverages gave me the … Continued

Spotlight on: Julie Dupouy-Young

Name: Julie Dupouy-Young (Ireland) I am: Freelance sommelier, consultant for EXSTO Cognac, co-creator of SommNinja (educational mobile application) and President, Irish Guild of Sommeliers. What inspired me to become a sommelier: I always knew that I wanted to work with my sense of smell and thought about working in the perfume industry. However, on my … Continued

Spotlight on: Louella Matthews

Name: Louella Mathews (Sydney, AU) I am: Head Sommelier @bibowinebarPlus some consulting and wine judging on the side. Creator of @sommspace. What inspired me to become a sommelier: Beginning my hospitality career in the Orange wine growing region. I loved the relationships that wine develops between people, whether it’s customer to sommelier, winemaker to retailer. … Continued

Spotlight on: Carine Patricio

Name: Carine Patricio (Portugal) I am: Sommelier & Sales Manager at Joh.Jos. Prüm, Mosel Valley, Germany What inspired me to become a sommelier: During a semester abroad in Germany, I met a chef [who] needed help in his restaurant… Very soon I realised that I liked being a host and wanted to do more with … Continued

Spotlight on: Leanne Altmann

Name: Leanne Altmann (Melbourne, AU) I am: Beverage Director & WSET Educator, Trader House Restaurants. What inspired me to become a sommelier: When I was in my very early 20s I was the recipient of the Daniel Pontifex Scholarship, which took me on a whirlwind journey through the classic regions of France… this immersive experience opened … Continued

Spotlight on: Miyuki Morimoto

Name: Miyuki Morimoto (Japan) I am: Sommelier at Conrad Tokyo, Hilton Group. What inspired me to become a sommelier: When I was still a section waitress, our sommelier made me taste Château Ducru Beaucaillou 1995 as he had to confirm the wines condition before serving. I was impressed with the deliciousness of that Château Ducru … Continued

Spotlight on: Emma Farrelly

Name: Emma Farrelly (Perth, AU) I am: Director of Wine, The State Buildings/Como The Treasury. What inspired me to become a sommelier: My parents took me to the annual ‘Flowering of the Vine’ lunch at Frankland Estate when I was 18. It was the first time I had tasted wine that made me think. I … Continued

Spotlight on: Heidi Mäkinen MW

Name: Heidi Mäkinen MW (Finland) I am: Wine Ambassador, Viinitie and President, Finnish Sommelier Association. What inspired me to become a sommelier: Endless curiosity in wine and my will to learn more. My role model is: People who decide they want to accomplish something and make it happen. My greatest professional achievement is: Becoming Master … Continued

Spotlight on: Ellie Ash

Name: Ellie Ash (Melbourne, AU) I am: Sommelier at Recreation Bistro x Bottleshop. What inspired me to become a sommelier: It started with an enjoyment of wine that made me want to learn more about it. I made a big career change to pursue that passion and am glad that I did. My role model … Continued