This week we feature Charlotte Stevens in ‘Spotlight on Committee’…

With a deft touch in all things food and wine, events and social justice, Charlotte uses her skills to foster change. She is member of the NSW Committee for Sommeliers Australia.

Charlotte started in hospitality when she first moved to Canberra to study International Relations. When she finished her degree, she veered into F&B full time with the launch of Bar Rochford.

Her experiences working front-of-house laid bare the disparity faced by women in this industry, leading her to start TUSK Collaborative in 2017. This not-for-profit aims at empowering women and breaking down the ‘boy’s club’ mentality in hospitality.

With a Master’s Degree in Social Work, Charlotte also focuses on transforming the food and wine world to adopt a more sustainable mindset, both in the work place and in its environmental footprint.

She is currently the Sommelier at Margaret in Sydney, and the Director and Founder of TUSK Collaborative. She was also the 2022 Sommeliers Australia Scholar.