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Submitting your own wine industry job ad to the Sommeliers Australia Jobs Board is easy.

You even get a bonus promotion in our Members newsletter and on Facebook and Instagram!

Simply complete the form below with the details regarding your job and click “Submit Job Ad”. You will then be directed to the payment page where you can complete the purchase of your job ad and finalise your listing.

Each job ad submitted will cost $150, or may be discounted to $100 if you have a valid Professional or Company Membership* coupon.

Once your job ad has been submitted and the payment processed, please allow 24-48 hours for it to be approved and posted to the Jobs Board.

Your job ad will remain live on the Sommeliers Australia Jobs Board for 30 days from its approval date, and will also be listed in the Members newsletter during that time (please note: the newsletter is also linked to Facebook and Twitter).


* Current Professional and Company Members please login to the My Account area to confirm the number of discounted job ads you have available for use, and to access your coupon code.

* Non-Members can submit job ads by contacting [email protected] with their ad, company logo and to request an invoice.




Submitting a job ad online is available to members only.


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