Let’s highlight Wiremu Andrews for today’s ‘Spotlight on Committee’ series…

A much recognised and familiar face to those in the F&B industry, Wiremu is a dedicated figure not just in the Melbourne wine scene but also in Sommeliers Australia’s National Executive Committee, and the VIC Committee.

Wiremu is Maori in origin and moved to Australia from New Zealand in 2006 to pursue a career in wine. This led him to the UK, where he also worked as a wine writer for Wine-Searcher.

Upon returning to Melbourne, Wiremu joined Rockpool Dining Group and Smalls Wine bar, where he formulated his business plan for Dearth of a Salesman. He also did stints at Pt. Leo Estate and Laura restaurants as a sommelier while the nuts and bolts for his company took shape.

Dearth of a Salesman Wine Services officially started in 2015, becoming a wine distribution and consultancy business that showcases small, domestic quality-focused producers.

In 2022, Wiremu became a partner at Sentio Wines in Beechworth where he is involved in the many facets of this exciting producer.

Wiremu’s heart is to bring a cultural revolution to the wine community, as seen in his role in launching Sommelier Australia’s Diversity & Inclusion Working Group.