Gold membership enables companies and organisations within the wine industry (and beyond) the opportunity to support Sommeliers Australia for a nominal fee.

Through the purchase of a Gold membership, companies not only acknowledge the work that Sommeliers Australia is achieving nationally for the betterment of wine industry, but they directly support the professional management of the association, which is vital for any national organisation.

Gold membership is suitable for (but not limited to) the following types of companies/organisations:

  • large hospitality venues or restaurant groups, with multiple sites;
  • national distribution companies;
  • wineries;
  • national wine industry bodies etc.

Gold membership schedule of benefits:

  • Membership is valid for 12 months, from 30 June until 30 June, with membership renewal rolling annually on 1 July;
  • 10 Professional memberships are allocated to the Gold Company member (value $1,000):
    • The company’s main contact becomes the ‘owner’ of the Gold membership, and has access to all Professional membership benefits;
    • 9 additional Professional memberships for company staff/colleagues/customers;
    • Membership owner can allocate and manage the additional Professional memberships via their My Account dashboard.
  • 12 company/associated events can be posted free of charge to the Events Calendar (value $600);
  • 3 job advertisements can be posted free of charge to the Jobs Board (value $450);
  • Additional job advertisements can be placed on the Jobs Board at discounted rate of $100 each (usually $150);
  • 3 promotional advertorials in member’s newsletter (value $750).
  • Recognition as a Gold member on, with a link to the nominated company website.




Gold membership can be purchased at any time, at a pro-rata rate, however all renewals will roll annually on 1 July.

A Gold member can purchase additional Professional memberships at 25% off. However, these additional memberships will not be linked to the original Company membership.

All membership prices are quoted in Australian dollars and include GST. Membership is neither refundable or transferable unless there are exceptional circumstances.

$2,000.00 on June 30th each year

First payment prorated. Next payment: Sunday, 30 June 2024