National Executive Committee


Sarah Andrew DipWSET – WSET Global / Selador Wines (VIC)

Bridget Raffal DipWSET – Where’s Nick Winebar (NSW)

Wiremu Andrews – The Dearth of a Salesman (VIC)

Louella Mathews – Trippas White Group (NSW)

Tim O’Donnell DipWSET – William Angliss Institute of TAFE (VIC)

David Murphy – One Penny Red (NSW)

Liam O’Brien – Cutler & Co / Athletes of Wine (VIC)

Executive Officer (Part-time)
Committee Secretary (National)
Imbi Knappstein

National Events Coordinator (Part-time)
Jessica Ochoco

Accounts Officer (National, part-time)
Trish Redman

Queensland Events Committee

Jenny Polack – Bacchus Wine Academy

Mark Snow – Consulting sommelier