Date: June 9#10:00 am-11:30 am


The hospitality industry is based on welcoming guests and offering them just that – hospitality – in a comfortable and nurturing environment.

But as industry professionals, do we actually do enough to help our colleagues and peers feel welcome and supported in the workplace? What needs to change for the industry to become more inclusive?

To gain a greater understanding of what Wine & Hospitality Professionals view as being barriers to both entry and progression within the hospitality industry, the Sommeliers Australia D & I Working Group will host an online forum on Wednesday 9 June.

The focus of the forum discussion will be based around gender balance, recruitment, inclusive environments, diversity in leadership, flexibility, workplace behaviours including harassment and discrimination, promotions, etc.

The 90 minute forum will be moderated by Dr Bree Gorman, a specialist consultant in the Diversity & Inclusion arena.

Sommeliers Australia members and other industry professionals who are keen to bring ideas, energy and positive action to this space are all invited to join the discussion.


Further information about the Diversity & Inclusion Forum, and how to register, will be made available over the coming weeks.

About Dr Bree Gorman…

Bree is a Diversity and Inclusion consultant focused on turning good intentions into meaningful change. Bree works to enable organisations to build diverse work forces and create inclusive environments. Bree’s approach relies upon their expertise in research, stakeholder engagement and knowledge translation, skills which were developed in their previous career in science and research management.

Bree understands the barriers that are presented to women and people from other underrepresented groups as Bree has lived and professional experience operating in this space. Over the past 5 years Bree has worked with numerous organisations with a focus on creating strategy and action plans that are specific, measurable and sustainable. Bree is an accomplished speaker and facilitator particularly in the areas of Inclusive Leadership, LGBTIQA+ inclusion and gender equity.


June 9
10:00 am-11:30 am
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