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Friday, 4 March 2022

Diploma registration is open until Friday 4 March.

On Monday 14 March 2022, ASI in conjunction with Sommeliers Australia, is again offering the ‘International ASI Diploma for Sommelier’ certification exam. The 2022 exam will be offered in both Melbourne and Sydney, and is a major opportunity for sommeliers in Australia to gain international accreditation.

The exam will be run by Sommeliers Australia, and gives Sommeliers Australia ‘Professional’ members working as sommeliers the opportunity to achieve an internationally recognised standard of sommellerie.

The ‘International ASI Diploma for Sommelier ‘certification exam has been created to help:

  • Develop the Sommelier profession;
  • Enhance the quality of Sommeliers worldwide;
  • Establish international standards for Sommeliers.



Candidates must be fully financial Sommeliers Australia ‘Professional’ members, working as a sommelier (in restaurants, wine bars, wine retail, distribution, etc), with at least 3 years sommelier experience.

Candidates must have completed at least WSET Level 3 or CMS Certified OR have equivalent industry experience.

Candidates can sit the exam in English, French or Spanish (the three official ASI languages). However, candidates who complete the exam in their native language, will only be eligible to receive the Bronze level of accreditation. Candidates who complete the exam in a foreign language will be eligible to receive Silver or Gold accreditation.

Potential candidates can view the 2022 ASI Diploma Competencies here.


Registration for the ASI Diploma closes on Friday 4 March 2022. 
Click here for more information regarding the ASI Diploma, candidate eligibility and to register.



Friday, 4 March 2022
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