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Monday, 4 April 2022

It’s that time of the year again for the talented creators and owners of Australia’s leading wine and beverage lists to be recognised, for their knowledge, talent, and experience, by the independent Domestic and International judging panel of Australia’s most prestigious such Awards program – Australia’s Wine List of the Year Awards.

The Awards exciting new partnership with QANTAS magazine and Travel Insider presents an extraordinary opportunity for Australia’s best wine and beverage list creators – and the outstanding cellars behind them – to receive the recognition they so richly deserve for their continued pursuit of excellence, whilst at the same time deliver a guide for consumers that will uncover the best wine lists across the country.

Entries are now open, and sommeliers and business owners have until Monday 16 May 2022 to submit their lists to the judges.


The 30-strong independent judging panel includes highly respected local and international Master Sommeliers, Masters of Wine, expert wine communicators, previous national Wine List Award winners and Sommeliers Australia representatives, assessing each year’s lists – large and small. Little wonder that Australia’s Wine List of the Year Awards are now rightfully renowned as being the most prestigious award program for Sommeliers and Owners – be they Restaurateurs, Hoteliers, Pub, Club or Wine Bars Managers.


Lists are ranked from one to three glasses. The best of the best are then in contention for the highly prized State / TerritoryType of Trade, and Category Awards and of course – Australia’s best Wine List – Australia’s Wine List of the Year!  With the Category Awards, entrants can submit their lists in a diverse range of categories such as Best Listing of Wines by the Glass, Best Food and Wine Matching, Best New, Best Small, also by beverage specialities and lists showcasing the wines from specific States / Territories and/or regions – see Website for the full listing of categories:  – winelistoftheyear.com.au.  


2022 New Award:  Australia’s Wine List of the Year (AWLOTY) – ‘Wine List Service Award’.

Over recent years, there has been feedback from industry professionals for an award to recognise and reward those venues and sommeliers who demonstrate that they understand the critical importance of carefully and professionally storing, ‘By the Glass’ preserving, and serving – in exceptional quality glassware, the wines on their Wine List.

To address this need they have invested significantly in their –

  • Temperature control / refrigeration infrastructure – for storing and serving their wines,
  • ‘Wine by the Glass’ preservation systems for these wines, and
  • Glassware.

Therefore, to recognise and reward this care and investment and to cater for this identified need in the future, a new Award is being introduced in 2022 – the AWLOTY – ‘Wine List Service Award’.   (Note: Entering this Award is optional, and the score achieved has no impact upon a venue’s overall AWLOTY Awards score.)


ENTRIES OPEN:                        Monday 4th April 2022

ENTRIES CLOSE:                       Monday 16th May 2022

AWARDS PRESENTATION:     Monday 26th September 2022



Founder – Rob Hirst,

E:  [email protected]   M: 0416 011838

W: Australia’s Wine List of the Year Awards – winelistoftheyear.com.au

Awards Coordinator – Lara Jago,

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Partnerships – Victoria James,

E[email protected]   M: 0429 996817


Media – Elaine Millar,

E: [email protected]  M: 0414 258633

Entrant Enquiries – Michael Nicholls,

E: [email protected]  M: 0414 621838

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W: winelistoftheyear.com.au


Monday, 4 April 2022
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