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Friday, 23 October 2020



This year Champagne Day falls on Friday, 23 October and to make the most of the annual day you are invited to create your own Champagne day experience, either live or online and simply register your plans on our global countdown website.


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The Champagne Bureau Australia is suggesting a number of ideas to safely participate in the global Champagne Day event:

Grab a bottle of Champagne to share with friends, from your local retailer

Pack a picnic with a bottle of Champagne and sandwiches

‘Champagne Sundowners’ with a socially distant group of friends

A virtual Champagne tasting with like minded Champagne-lovers

Or, you can support your own local restaurant, bar or wine retailer by joining one of their Champagne Day events – a full list of local and international events can be found on the Comité Champagne Champagne Day web-page, which you can discover below.

Don’t forget to use the #Champagneday hashtag on your social media to be part of the Champagne day activities from all around the world.

As we continue to adapt to the unique challenges of 2020, Champagne Day will give us all the opportunity to step away from the everyday and enjoy a glass of Champagne with our friends and family.

Remember to stay safe, drink responsibly – and enjoy Champagne.


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Friday, 23 October 2020
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