Zoe Brunton
I am:
Head Sommelier at Monopole, Sydney
I joined the Diversity & Inclusion Working Group to:
I joined the D&I Working Group because I think there is a huge gap in the wine industry where organisations miss the mark to connect and be relevant with all individuals. So many organisations seem to be stuck in the past and therefore isolating to different groups. I would love to see Sommeliers Australia fill the gap of creating a safe, educational and relevant space where absolutely everybody feels welcome and people can grow within their career and as people.
My personal mission statement is:
Be the change you want to see.
In the D&I space, I want to champion:
In the D&I space I want to especially champion women in the industry. I’ve lost count throughout my career how many times I was told I wasn’t good enough or not able enough to do something because I was a woman. Too many doors were shut on me. My hope is that this never happens to anybody and we empower people to grow, not stand in the way of their growth We should champion all individuals, regardless of how they identify or their cultural background.
My role model is:
Annette Lacy MW – I had the privilege of working for her early in my career. She always pushed me to grow and challenge myself. She always encouraged and supported me in my studies. Most importantly, she was a very inclusive person. I wouldn’t be where I am without the support she gave me. I can only hope I can encourage the people around me the way she encouraged me.
My greatest indulgence is:
Equipos Navazos Manzanilla (or any dry sherry really) and anchovies – not sure if this is an indulgence, or simply an addiction…