Wiremu Andrews.
I am:
Director of Dearth of a Salesman Wine Services.
I joined the Diversity & Inclusion Working Group to:
help bring about a cultural revolution within the Sommeliers Australia organisation so that more people are inspired to join our community and enable us to achieve greater things within both the wine sphere and our actual community – local and wider. Sommeliers Australia has given many opportunities to me as a wine professional. I would like to pay that forward to others now.
My personal mission statement is:
It takes a collective effort to produce wine. The fruits of this labour should to be shared. So too the wisdom and knowledge gained, enabling us all to grow.
In the D&I space, I want to champion:
Unity. If we are able to provide a welcoming atmosphere for ALL, then we give ourselves a better chance of understanding one another.
My greatest indulgence is:
Grower Champagne and chicken nuggets.
The perfect meal would be:
See the above!