Rod Hunt
I am:
Wine Enthusiast and student – mid-way through my DipWSET at PWS.In my non-wine time I’m a Professor of Neonatal Medicine at Monash University, and have experience in health, management, research and issues pertaining to Diversity and Inclusion.
I joined the Diversity & Inclusion Working Group to:
Provide a consumer perspective, and perhaps share some of the learnings about creating inclusive workplaces that have been developed in a different industry.
My personal mission statement is:
Strive to be a fair and inclusive customer, consumer, student and manager within the workplace – wherever that might be. To seek to develop my colleagues’ skills and strengths, and ensure that everyone is treated equally regardless of their personal circumstance.
In the D&I space, I want to champion:
Gender balance and equal opportunity. I believe that the gains being made by women in the workplace must be supported unequivocally by male colleagues. I also seek to ensure that those individuals with disability are visible in both health and hospitality, and provided with equal opportunity for employment, advancement and remuneration.
My greatest indulgence is:

Wine……… of all descriptions – loving learning about the breadth and complexity of all wine. Currently exploring the complexity of Italian wines, whilst studying for my exam on sparkling wine for WSET.

What I enjoy most about being a part of the wine industry is
I am excited to learn more about an industry that is built upon a foundation of hospitality – welcoming and seeking to provide others with a great experience – built around the complexities of viticulture and winemaking.