Erin Baulderstone, Global Social Media & Content Manager at RIEDEL.
How long have you been in the wine industry?
I started working in an admin role at RIEDEL in 2009, which was supposed to give me the experience to step into a completely different industry. 12 years later, I’m now working in a brand new global role for the brand, writing content for the world from my home office in Sydney, Australia.
What is the most memorable moment you have experienced during your wine journey?
There’s two I can think of: I went to the RIEDEL factory and head office in 2012 and blew my own glass. It looks dreadful of course, but it was a lot of fun!The other was sitting at a private dinner with only four others, including 10th generation Georg Riedel and Penfolds winemaker Peter Gago. Listening to them talk about their love of wine and their experience, I was so out of my depth but knew how lucky I was to be at that table. 
What is the most recent addition to your cellar?
We recently bought an array of wines from Handpicked and their Chardonnays are delicious. 
What do you think the wine industry will see more or less of in 2021?
With everyone getting more comfortable entertaining at home, I think customer loyalty will take on new importance this year. Any restaurant team that provides a higher-level experience, whether that comes in the form of unintimidating education or offering a point of difference that’s new but relatable, will have a better chance to secure that all-important return customer. The dreariness of 2020 is behind us, people want to go out, discover great new wines and have fun!
What is the one piece of advice you would give to someone wanting to start their career in wine?
Find mentors, ask for advice, always be open-minded about what path you’ll take! 
Riedel is the proud sponsor of Pierre-Marie Caillaud in the Best Sommelier of Australia 2020.