Miyuki Morimoto (Japan)
I am:
Sommelier at Conrad Tokyo, Hilton Group.
What inspired me to become a sommelier:
When I was still a section waitress, our sommelier made me taste Château Ducru Beaucaillou 1995 as he had to confirm the wines condition before serving. I was impressed with the deliciousness of that Château Ducru Beaucaillou! Then, he looked at me and said that he would ask me some questions about this wine the next day. It was my turning point into the wine industry.
My role model is:
My mentor and boss Mr. Satoru Mori. He was the winner of the first Best Sommelier of Asia Oceania competition and represented Japan in the World competition four times. He taught me what is to be a sommelier and what the sommelier’s role is.
My greatest professional achievement is:
Advanced Sommelier Certificate from Court of Master Sommeliers. I started to study CMS when I lived in Sydney. Unlike competitions, studying the Court of Master Sommeliers gives us a chance to train each other, we can share information from various countries, restaurants and hotels. We can improve our grades together. I am very grateful to Yuki Hirose (Rockpool, Sydney), Toru Takamatsu MS, Christian Baeppler in (Rockpool, Perth) and Andrea Martinisi in New Zealand for helping me to keep up [my studies] and their care.[Ed. note: Awarded as runner-up at this year’s Best Sommelier of Japan, Miyuki will represent Japan at the next Best Sommelier of Asia & Oceania competition to be hosted in Australia. Miyuki is the first woman to represent Japan at an ASI competition.]
My favourite food and beverage match is:
Kara-age (fried chicken) and beer is outstanding… I’m just kidding.I’d like to say 100% malolactic fermentation Chardonnay with Japanese Wagyu Beef. Japanese Wagyu Beef has more lactone flavour like milk, butter aromas than other beef, and this character works well with white wine [rather] than red wine. It [develops] beautiful roundness in your mouth.
If I could only take two things to a desert island they would be:
My parents and DRC Grand Echezeaux 2012 from my cellar.