Meira Harel (Adelaide, AU)
I am:
Co-Founder of GROW Assembly, Sommelier, Wine consultant and a mum.
What inspired me to become a sommelier:
I worked at a little French restaurant back home (Israel) as a restaurant manager and the chef/owner who was Swiss and knew so much about wine and beverages gave me the freedom to have a go with food and wine matches. Once I discovered the magic, I couldn’t stop so I kept learning, tasting and exploring the world of wine.
My role model is:
Might sound a bit cheesy but I’ll have to say it’s my husband Banjo Harris Plane. His passion, knowledge and professional manner amaze me every single day… I’ve learned so much from him and still do.

[Ed. Banjo Harris Plane was awarded Best Sommelier of Australia 2014]
What I love about my profession:
For me it’s how wine made me feel and not just how it tastes. I love helping guests expand their appreciation of wine and create memorable moments on the restaurant floor. Then of course it’s so great to be a part of the wine community, it’s where I feel I belong.
My greatest professional achievement is:
2016 was great to me, I was awarded The Age Good Food Guide ‘Sommelier of the Year’ for my work as Head Sommelier at The Lake House and I was nominated for Gourmet Traveller ‘Best Sommelier in Australia’ for my work at The Town Mouse (RIP).
My favourite food and beverage match is:
I love sour beers, especially now with the warm weather coming our way. One of my favourite matches at the moment is Wildflower Gold- Australian Wild Ale with a ripe washed rind cheese such as Epoisses.



Image with thanks to James Broadway.