Lisa Cardelli
I am:
Victoria Sales Manager, Terroir Selections
I joined the Diversity & Inclusion Working Group:
Because I’m sick and tired of racism, sexual discrimination and misconduct, exclusion… I could go on and on. I would like to see drastic changes in real life, not just words on social media. To me it is natural that everyone can feel welcome and accepted. But for some people this still isn’t the case. To be open minded and show empathy are not divine gifts, but human nature.
My personal mission statement is:
Speak less, do more.
In the D&I space, I want to champion:
Inclusion. I’ve felt excluded few times. Maybe it’s my accent, maybe because I’m shy and bit insecure and I come across as unprofessional. Or maybe because I’m a woman. I’ve also witnessed exclusion of others, and I’m seriously tired of the systematic exclusion in our industry.
My role model is:
I have few as it is not possible to have only one. But if I have to pick someone, I would say Sarah Andrew. She simply is a great human being. Of course, she is an amazing wine professional and mentor, but it goes beyond that. She is a genuine person, with a load of courage. Sarah’s time is consumed with helping others. Her advocacy for refugees in Australia is beyond incredible. I think she is one in a million, the kind of human that crosses boundaries and overcomes mental blocks and fears. I feel extremely lucky to be her friend and mentee.
The perfect meal would be:
Very tough question. I’d say Chianina steak and Brunello because it tastes like home and reminds me of good family times. I’m missing so many of these moments. Thanks Covid ☹