Jeni Port, Halliday Wine Companion tasting panel member & freelance wine writer
How long have you been working with wine?
I have been a journalist for 44 years. I was a cadet when I started the wine column at The Sun News-Pictorial (now Herald-Sun). It was the biggest selling newspaper of its day and starting the column as a reporter in the (then) women’s section of the paper (it would be called the lifestyle section today) was something that spurred me on to write about wine for a living.
What is the most memorable moment you have experienced during your wine journey?
Being named Wine Communicator of the Year in 2014.
What is the most recent addition to your cellar?
I buy Tahbilk Marsanne every year. I bought the museum release 2014 Marsanne which is drinking superbly. It won’t last long in my house.
What are you enjoying drinking right now?
I am enjoying drinking the wines I have discovered or been impressed by as part of my Halliday Companion tasting duties for the 2022 book release next year. I have a couple of glasses at the end of each tasting day with dinner. I can’t let good wines go to waste and it’s always good to take a second – or third – look.
What is the one piece of advice you would give to someone wanting to start their career in wine?
It’s the same advice I would give to anyone choosing a career: love what you do.
Halliday Wine Companion is the proud sponsor of Manuel Conti in the Best Sommelier of Australia 2020.