Ellie Ash (Melbourne, AU)
I am:
Sommelier at Recreation Bistro x Bottleshop.
What inspired me to become a sommelier:
It started with an enjoyment of wine that made me want to learn more about it. I made a big career change to pursue that passion and am glad that I did.
My role model is:
Sophie Otton, I’m inspired by her involvement in so many areas of the industry.
My greatest professional achievement is:
Achieving my Advanced with the Court of Master Sommeliers
My favourite food and beverage match is:
Chocolate fondant and Marionette cassis.
What I enjoy most about taking part in ‘Best Sommelier’ competitions
Sommelier competitions are valuable for me to challenge my knowledge. Having sat the ‘Best Sommelier’ exam three years ago and this year, I was able to see how much I have grown and what I need to improve for next time. They are also a great opportunity to meet with others who share my interests.