Ellen Franzén (Sweden)
I am:
Head sommelier at Restaurant Gastrologik, Stockholm.
What inspired me to become a sommelier:
To be able to work with something I really love, everyday! I have also been very lucky to meet a lot of people that inspired me to compete.
My role model is:
The achievements of Gerard Basset have always been a source of inspiration, and still are. Also Madeleine Stenwreth MW – a real power lady!
My greatest professional achievement is:
Winning the Swedish Sommelier Championship in 2019, and also winning the Ruinart Nordic Challenge the same year.
My favourite food and beverage match is:
Salt and vinegar chips with oyster emulsion dip together with a Blanc de Blancs champagne…
What is the one piece of advice you would give to someone just starting their career in wine?
Find someone that will help you keep on striving, because it’s a long road with a lot of lonely hours of tasting and studying, so support is the key! And of course, don’t give up!