Christina Kaigg (Melbourne, AU)
I am:
Assistant wine buyer at Atlas Vinifera, Victorian Brand Ambassador – Burch Family Wines, FWS Certified Educator.
What inspired me to become a sommelier:
I grew up working in restaurants where wine was part of the conversation but due to a lack of knowledge in those venues, was never really given the same focus as the food. I wanted to be in a place to remedy that, where all aspects of the hospitality experience were equally considered and appreciated.
My role model is:
Simone Madden-Grey – she has given me some incredible support and insight over the years and is someone I admire for her passion, commitment to hard work and respect for the industry on a global level.
My greatest professional achievement is:
Seeing people, colleagues and customers develop their knowledge and passion – I could not think of a better way to feel proud of what I do.
What I enjoyed most about taking part in Stage 1 of the ‘Best Sommelier of Australia 2020’ competition
I really enjoy pushing my knowledge and learning where I need to focus and apply more discipline. But what I really enjoy is the concept that the more [that] young women engage with these competitions, the more possible and accessible those sorts of challenges seem to others. I can’t back other women to succeed if I don’t first back myself and that’s an important step in making sure women play a vocal role in the industry moving forward.