In September 2020, Sommeliers Australia started working with Humanitix as our event ticketing platform – moving away from a more corporate focused event platform.

Through utilising Humanitix’s ticketing platform, Sommeliers Australia – and in turn our event attendees – supports the charitable work that Humanitix is doing to help close the education gap for disadvantaged children.

Founded and based in Australia, Humanitix is a registered charity – not a business. When you attend a Sommeliers Australia event, and purchase your ticket via Humanitix, your booking fee covers the platform’s development costs, and everything else goes towards the education projects that Humanitix is involved with.

Sommeliers Australia is so pleased that as an association we can contribute to the two important projects that Humanitix is currently working with:


A big thank you to our Members and other event attendees for helping make a positive impact.


The Humanitix Approach to Charity

We believe in solving problems, not treating symptoms in the short term. So all our projects seek to make long-lasting, systemic change.

We believe that the world’s problems, from climate change to inequality, can all be solved by a world with fair, equal access to quality education.

We choose to not rely on donations or grants. Instead we fund our projects by offering a valuable service to event organisers.

We don’t have shareholders or investors to pay, so we can offer a better platform at a better price. We don’t charge a premium for a substandard product “just because it’s charitable”.

We believe in scaling our impact, and that means investing not just in our projects but in our ability to have more impact. This means we hire incredible staff, we invest in technology, we take on competitors and we take bold risks.

We believe that Humanitix is a new model for charity and business, and invite entrepreneurs everywhere to choose to go all in on a for-purpose path. It’s our pledge, 100%.