On Sunday 18 August, those Members present at the national 2019 AGM voted unanimously that as an association, Sommeliers Australia would become a signatory of the Australian Grape & Wine Diversity and Equality in Wine Charter (DEW).

Sommeliers Australia is proud to support diversity and equality within the wine industry, and offers its Members every opportunity to succeed in their chosen field, no matter their gender, age, sexuality, culture/ethnicity, language and religious beliefs, and regardless of disability.

Australian Grape & Wine urges all individuals and businesses throughout the wine sector to become a signatory. DEW provides a clear charter that can be applied to all areas of a wine business to ensure diversity is valued and supported at all levels.

Mr Tony Battaglene, Chief Executive of Australian Grape & Wine recently stated, ‘We hope this … will bring awareness to behaviors and attitudes, as well as offering potential improvements for businesses of all sizes in the Australian wine sector. Our sector is crying out for cultural change and it is time we stood up’.

Jane Thomson (Fabulous Wine Ladies Society), a member of the DEW Working Group, added; “If you haven’t already signed onto DEW, why not? DEW is more than just a piece of paper. It’s a living action plan, based on world’s best practice that brings real and practical instruction to every business about how to value, promote and nurture diversity. I am proud of what we have achieved with this piece of work and excited by what it means for our industry.”


To learn more about this important Charter, or to sign as an individual or on behalf of your business please visit: https://www.agw.org.au/policy-and-issues/diversity-and-equality-in-wine/