Get a taste for “Australia’s Emerging Varieties” from this write up by Haz Davies:


One very rainy, grey, windy Melbourne morning, the Australian avant-garde of winemaking descended from all corners of the country to discuss the emergence of the alternative grape variety. Kim Chalmers (Chalmers), Steve Pannell (SC Pannell), Rollo Crittenden (Crittenden) and Brad Wehr (Amato Vino) revealed
how they are breaking from the traditions of the past to redefine Australian wine as we know it.

So what is an emerging variety? Unlike emerging technology that sprung from the minds of geniuses, or emerging markets that grew to dominance in the global economy, emerging grape varieties have always existed, they’ve just grown in alternative regions to those we recognise today. A spot of history, geography and perspective helps to contextualise Australia’s place in the puzzle.

The first traces of wine date back to Georgia in 6000 BC, Lebanon and Armenia in 4000 BC and Egypt and Iran around 3000 BC. The famous sites and slopes of Europe don’t enter the picture until a millennium later…


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