I am:
Sarah Atkinson, Owner + Sommelier at Le Rebelle and Bar Rogue (WA Committee)
I became a Committee member to:
try and help bring a little love to the west. Being so far away from the eastern states we tend to miss out on some of the bigger events so just hoping to gain a little more traction over here.  We have so many talented and professional industry people over here!
My background is:
I am from Canada originally and have been in Perth for over 10 years now. My wine journey started in Australia when I realised I knew next to nothing about wine compared to my colleagues. I made it a mission to learn and study as much as I could and attained CMS Cert and WSET 3 certifications. My studies have been paused for a little while as owning and running a restaurant is a little time consuming, but I plan to hit the books again soon.
One thing people may not know about me is…
I used to work in journalism/broadcasting but gave it up because working at a restaurant was way more fun!
The motto I live by is:
Keep pushing!  I always try to keep learning and try to be better than yesterday.
My greatest indulgence is:
A glass of champagne at the end of service (and maybe a sneaky oyster too if chef’s not looking)
What I enjoy most about being a part of the wine industry is
The people! I love meeting winemakers and growers and getting their unique perspective on things and making people happy with a good bottle always makes my day.