I am:
Osvaldo Tognella, Co-Owner/Sommelier of Ostēr (VIC Committee)
I became a Committee member to:
Help Sommeliers Australia in growing and have more people appreciate this role [of the sommelier]. Also to gain more experience, create new relationships through networking, plus to add to my personal development and growth.
My background is:
I am originally from Milan, and have travelled the world to follow my passions.I have worked as both Food & Beverage Manager and Sommelier, with years of experience in fine dining gained from The Ritz Carlton across Europe and Japan. Also working in Bulgari Hotels & Resorts in Milan as well as Hospitality Business Manager at Coombe Yarra Valley. In 2016 I met Nicola Romano and started Chapter 53, an “all Victorian produce” pop-up restaurant project that was held in different locations on a monthly basis. We opened Ostēr in Richmond together in 2019.
The motto I live by is:
I often tell myself and my staff: ‘Only he who doesn’t do anything, doesn’t make mistakes’. We learn from our mistakes – those have to be opportunities for us to learn and grow.
My role model is:
My father who passed away when I was 17yo. He became a real model for me a bit later on in life. He taught me by example that only by being honest and with hard work you’ll get far in life and achieve your dreams.
The perfect meal would be:
A plate of homemade pasta with ragu to have with family and friends with a bottle of Nebbiolo d’Alba.
What I enjoy most about being a part of the wine industry is
That you can learn something new everyday and that it gives you the opportunity to taste great products and pair them with great food all the time? What else you need in life?