This week on ‘Spotlight on Committee’, we feature Luigi Celiento….

As one of the new committee members, Luigi started in the hospitality industry at the very young age of 14, working summers while still at school in Italy. This cemented in him a sense of humility and deference to his peers, making him a great addition to the NSW Committee for Sommeliers Australia.

As he climbed the rungs of the hospitality industry in Europe, his professional career took off as he worked in 5-star hotels and Michelin-starred venues while travelling around Europe.

Upon arriving in Sydney, Luigi worked through upmarket and popular restaurants such as Intermezzo, Bistecca, LuMi Dining, and Love Tilly Group, before finally settling at Trippas White Group as the Precinct Sommelier.

He attributes his knowledge and passion to his mentors who have taught him so much in the world of wines.  He hopes to continue the tradition and be a good mentor and guide for the newcomers to the industry.