I am:
Loïc Avril, Beverage Director of Society – Lucas Group (VIC Committee)
I became a Committee member to:
share my knowledge; encourage the new generation [of sommeliers] to join our industry; learn from others.
My background is:
I was born in the Loire Valley; my grandpa was a winegrower in Vouvray. I worked with the right people [in wine] at the right time, and managed to grow myself into the one of the most fascinating jobs on the planet.
The motto I live by is:
Be happy and positive every day.
My role model is:
I was fortunate to work alongside Gerard Basset who really inspired me from my first day in England. His dedication to people was incredible. But most importantly he was such a humble man to speak with.
The perfect meal would be:
a plate of oysters, salted butter and fresh bread at 9am with a superb Muscadet Sevre et Maine to compliment the salinity of the ocean.
What I enjoy most about being a part of the wine industry is
First: the number of relationships that you build along your journey: guests, colleagues, vignerons. Secondly, being an ambassador to all the winegrowing regions in the world and advocate the respect of our industry. Finally, the diversity of knowledge that beverages bring to a human being, from oenology, viticulture, sales, food knowledge, culture of food etc… It never ends… Always something to learn and share.