This week we feature Jenny Polack on our ‘Spotlight on Committee’ series…

Jenny is a well-recognised figure in different fields of wine, stemming from her work as an educator, entrepreneur, researcher and consultant.  Although based in Melbourne, her strong commitment to education and the Queensland Committee sees her frequently travelling to Brisbane and beyond to spread the word on wine.

Her humble beginnings in commercial wine retail inspired her to learn about how flavours are experienced, leading her to pursue and earn a Master’s of Science in Wine Management, conferred upon by the International Organisation of Vine and Wine.  Along the way, she has also earned multiple accolades, including WC Best Wine Educator in 2016, and Apac Insider Wine and Spirit Consultant for the years 2017 and 2018.

As the director of Bacchus Enterprises and Wine Whitch, Jenny continues to motivate up-and-coming wine professionals and aficionados in the art of the grape.