I am:
Hannah Day, Sommelier at Cutler & Co (VIC Committee)
I became a Committee member to:
To have and be a voice, and reconnect with the community.  I have been a little out of touch of late and have felt quite alone in the industry, especially as a gay female.  I thought, “if I am feeling this way, then surely there are others among us”.  I am so fortunate to have been mentored by some outstanding sommeliers and I now feel I am in a place to start passing on that generosity.
My background is:
In a distant life, I was a cabaret artist.  When I arrived back in Australia 2016, in need of a change, I got a job in a restaurant.  Cut to me feeling woefully embarrassed by my severe lack of understanding of the by the glass selection (someone mentioned once that our pinot gris was pink in hue due to skin contact, and I thought he was referring to human…), I turned to my trusty friend, study. I sat WSET 1 and thought, “I quite like this”. True to form I hungrily completed WSET levels 2 & 3, then CMS Intro and Certified. That said, I wouldn’t be doing what I am today without the help of some gracious and very patient hospitality professionals.
One thing people may not know about me is…
I didn’t actually like wine until I started studying with WSET (please don’t stone me)… I was (and still am) a big beer drinker.
My role models are:
Jon and Jane at @auswinelegends never fail to inspire in their endless quest to champion Aussie wine. A recent joy has been making the acquaintance of the fabulous Kavita Faiella. And I have long been a fangirl of the beverage director for Trader House, Leanne Altmann – I can’t believe I work for her now!.
My greatest indulgence is:
Vermouth. It’s probably not that much of an indulgence considering how often I drink it though…
What I enjoy most about the wine industry is
I am always driven to be better.  Being pushed and inspired by my peers and mentors is an incredible product of our ever-evolving industry. And I am equally motivated by the next gen of Australian hospitality, who I have loved helping become so excited about wine.