I am:
Bridget Raffal, sommelier at Where’s Nick Wine Bar. I am also involved in the running of Women and Revolution (NSW & National Exec. Committees)
I became a Committee member to:
Help affect cultural change within the organisation and the wine industry as a whole.
My background is:
I’ve always worked in hospitality and decided to cross from restaurant management into wine when I wanted a new challenge. That was some time ago.
One thing people may not know about me is…
I like interesting facts about animals and think they should feature in trivia quizzes more frequently.
The motto I live by is:
Moving up in the patriarchy is not the same thing as dismantling the patriarchy.
The perfect meal would be:
It would start with sherry and finish with madeira and some delicious things would feature in the middle.
My greatest indulgence is:
Being left alone with a good book and a perfect cup of tea.