On Monday 4 March this year, 16 member associations of ASI hosted candidates for the 2019 ‘International ASI Sommelier Diploma’ certification exam.

Among the 68 candidates who sat for the exam, only 49 passed. 15 sommeliers obtained the GOLD certificate and 32 the SILVER certificate. For the first time, two candidates sitting for the exam in their own language received the BRONZE level. (Note: the Bronze is at the same level as the Silver or Gold, the only difference is the candidates sit the exam in their native language, rather than a second language.)

Congratulations to our three Australian candidates – Carlos Simoes, Cyril Thevenet and Yuki Hirose – who all achieved GOLD certification!

The Sommeliers Australia’s National Executive Committee acknowledges this fantastic achievement, noting the candidates dedication in preparing for the exam. The standard of sommellerie in Australia is certainly matching that of our international peers.

The NEC would also like to thank the NSW and Victorian Committee members who prepared and supervised the the exam process in Sydney and Melbourne – Ben Moechtar, Greg Richardson, David Murphy, Jenna Phillpott and Anthony Pieri, and Banjo Harris Plane for coordinating the tasting samples.

Here is the complete list of successful candidates; Australian sommeliers are in excellent company!

Australia Russia
Yuki Hirose – Gold Natalia Denisova – Silver
Carlos Simoes – Gold Egor Iksanov – Silver
Cyril Thévenet – Gold Denis Lurchenko – Silver
Austria Jegor Marchenko – Silver
Andreas Jechsmayr – Gold Alexandrova Olesya – Silver
Emmanuel Rosier – Gold Veronika Smirnova – Silver
Estonia Dobryning Svetlana – Silver
Urvo Ugandi – Gold Karina Tonkova – Silver
Ketri Leis – Silver Serbia
Finland Ivan Jug – Gold
Juulia Eloranta – Silver Sinisa Lasan – Gold
Taneli Lehtonen – Silver Anika Manojlovic – Silver
Kirsi Seppänen – Silver Marko Sram – Silver
Greece South Africa
Panagiotis Katsoudas – Silver Spencer Fondaumiere – Bronze (new Silver level)
Japan South Korea
Daichi Nomura – Gold Minseok Kyung – Gold
Hiroki Ikeda – Silver Hyesung An – Silver
Daiki Ishihara – Silver Juyong Kim – Silver
Fumikazu Shike – Silver Hyeongwoo Oh – Silver
Yoshiteru Shimizu – Silver Kibeom Song – Silver
Yosuke Suematsu – Silver Hyojung Yoon – Silver
Kodai Watanabe – Silver United Kingdom
New Zealand Tamas Czinki – Gold
Andrea Martinisi – Gold Gareth Ferreira – Gold
Netherlands Marco Iaccarino – Gold
Frank Van Scheundel – Silver Quentin Loisel – Gold
Poland Charles Carron-Brown – Silver
Pawel Jan Rog – Silver Seika Hosokawa – Silver
Kajetan Zalewski – Silver Michihito – Silver
  Aurora Garcia – Bronze Excellence (new Gold level)