On Monday 14 March 2022, 17 ASI member nations hosted the ‘International ASI Sommelier Diploma’ certification exam, and it is with great pleasure that ASI announces 62 new ASI Diploma graduates!

A total of 86 candidates representing over 20 citizenships took part in the 2022 Diploma exam. 62 were successful, among them : 27 Gold, 25 Silver, 10 Bronze.

Each of these 62 successful sommeliers now have the right to call themselves ASI Sommeliers, and are welcome addition to ASI’s Club de Sommelier.

The 2022 results show a high level of progression in the preparation of the candidates since the ASI Diploma was first implemented. The best scores this year were achieved in Croatia, Estonia, France, Spain and the UK.



Congratulations to:

Australia Netherlands
Paolo Saccone – GOLD Roos Stevens – GOLD 
Steve Senturk – GOLD Lukas Wiegman – GOLD
Christopher Ryan * – BRONZE Jan-Jaap Altenburg – SILVER 
  Zoran Matic – SILVER 
Canada Daphne Van Den Hoven – SILVER
Kler-Yann Bouteiller – GOLD  Éric Beau – BRONZE
Hugo Duchesne – GOLD  
Jean-Simon Rioux-Ranger – GOLD  Poland
Joris Gutierez Garcia – GOLD  Łukasz Górski – SILVER
Guillaume Plante – SILVER  Arkadiusz Kurovski – SILVER 
Christophe Reitz – SILVER Wojciech Sito – SILVER 
Jean-Philippe Reid – BRONZE  
China/Hong Kong Chuan Ann Tan – GOLD
Phenol Mak – SILVER Daisuke Shibuya – GOLD
Lap Hei Leung – SILVER  Daisuke Kawai – SILVER
  Youngbok Lee – SILVER
Croatia Jia Min Liu – SILVER 
Kristijan Harjač – GOLD Weije Alvin Gho – BRONZE
Mate Negulić – GOLD ZhiXian Joel Lim – BRONZE
Monika Neral – GOLD Wee Klan Alvin Neo – BRONZE
Tomislav Mikinac – SILVER  Xi-Yang Yeo – BRONZE
  Ji-Hui Gary Low – BRONZE
Estonia Spain
Mikk Parre – GOLD Mara De Miguel – GOLD 
Karoline Reinhold – GOLD Manuel Fernandez Bentez – GOLD 
Aleksei Progrebnoi – SILVER   
  United Kingdom
France Romain Bourger – GOLD
Gaëtan Bouvier – GOLD Matteo Furlan – GOLD 
Fabien Étienne – GOLD Stefan Kobald – GOLD
Pierre Vila-Palleja – GOLD Adam Michocki – GOLD
  Daniel Stojcic – GOLD 
Italy Lorenzo Tonelli – GOLD 
Fabio Mondini – BRONZE Antony Adinolfi – SILVER
  Biagio Castaldo – SILVER
Kazakhstan Marcos Rapado Segurado – SILVER
Anna Sviridenko – GOLD Arturo Scamardella – SILVER
Dmitri Belobrovskii – SILVER Julio David Tauste Sierra – SILVER 
Roman Chsherbakov – SILVER   
Alexandr Glyants – SILVER Venezuela
  Claudia Drastrup – SILVER 
Korea Maria De Nazaret Rivas – BRONZE 
Soo Hyeon Heo – SILVER   
 * Chris’s result is equivalent to GOLD, however his BRONZE award indicates that his assessment was completed in English, not a second language.