On Monday 2 March, 14 national sommelier associations organised the ASI Diploma certification exam for 74 candidates.

A total of 74 candidates took part in the 2020 exam and 52 of them were successful. This shows a great level of progression in candidates preparation since the ASI Diploma was introduced. Let’s not forget that becoming an ASI Sommelier opens doors all over the world!

Congratulations to this year’s Australian candidate – Maximilian Gurtler – who achieved GOLD certification!

The Sommeliers Australia’s National Executive Committee acknowledges this fantastic achievement, noting Max’s dedication in preparing for the exam. The standard of sommellerie in Australia certainly matches that of our international peers.

The NEC would also like to thank NEC/NSW Committee member Greg Richardson for preparing and supervising the the exam process in Sydney. Thanks also to 2019 ASI Diploma (Gold) recipients Cyril Thevenet and Yuki Hirose for assisting with the exam adjudication.

Here is the complete list of successful candidates; Australian sommeliers are in excellent company!


Argentina Korea
Martin Bruno – GOLD Excellence Soo Min Cho – GOLD
Andrés Lafarge – GOLD Jun Seon Choi – GOLD
Agustina Larriera – GOLD Woong Hwang Ho – GOLD
David Paredes – SILVER Jae Min Ju – GOLD
Leonor Soza de la Carrera – SILVER Kyo Dong Kim – SILVER
Seon Woo Kim – SILVER
Australia Kwang Yeol Lee – SILVER
Maximilian Gurtler – GOLD Seong Hoon Lee – SILVER
Jong Ho Roh – GOLD
China/Hong Kong
Reeze Choi – GOLD Netherlands
Derek – GOLD Tony Lecouroux – GOLD Excellence / Dux
Nick Koon – SILVER Shelina Sars – SILVER
Hungary Russia
Lazlo Angerman – GOLD Grigorii Chegodaev – GOLD
Zsolt Bartalics – GOLD Maksim Khizhniakov – SILVER
David Kinces – SILVER Valeriy Kiselyov – SILVER
Mihaly Lippai – GOLD Ksenia Kovchina – SILVER
Roman Ivanov – SILVER
Japan Vadim Martyniuk – GOLD
Tatsuya Asakura – SILVER Polina Pobleskaia – SILVER
Ryosuke Imai – SILVER
Daichi Hasegawa – GOLD Serbia
Rie Matsuki – GOLD Dragisa Damljanovic – SILVER
Keigo Nakura – GOLD Josip Oriskovic – SILVER
Ryoga Nakamura – GOLD
Misaki Otsuka – SILVER Thailand
Masakastsu Yatabe – SILVER Vongsatit Kaewnak – SILVER
Watchara Leelao – SILVER
Ratmir Akhemetov – GOLD Ukraine
Alexander Averianov – SILVER Stanislav Borysov – SILVER
Zulfiya Ibragimova – GOLD Bogdan Pavliukh – GOLD
Anton Khasbiytev – SILVER
Dayana Nassyrova – GOLD Venezuela
Dinah Casares – BRONZE *
Hector Gascon – BRONZE Excellence*

* Bronze is awarded at the same level as the Silver or Gold, however the candidates sit the exam in their native language, rather than a second language.