As a member of ASI, Sommeliers Australia is pleased to share key highlights from ASI’s recent Annual general Assembly, held in Monaco late last month.


Paris, France –  Association de la Sommellerie Internationale (ASI) Celebrates Progress and Global Expansion at Annual General Assembly in Monaco.

In a landmark gathering that underscored both tradition and evolution, the Association de la Sommellerie Internationale (ASI) convened its Annual General Assembly last month, marking significant milestones – not least of which is the 55th anniversary of the association’s founding – and setting the stage for an ambitious future. The assembly highlighted key organizational enhancements, membership growth, and a forward-looking events calendar, reinforcing ASI’s global influence in the sommelier community.

In a move to streamline operations and leverage synergies, ASI announced the merger of its Exam and Education Committees into a singular, more robust Exam and Education Committee. The newly formed committee will be co-directed by industry veterans Sören Polonius and Giuseppe Vaccarini, promising a cohesive approach to sommelier education and certification. Additionally, the integration of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee with the Ethics Committee under the co-leadership of Heleen Boom and Ricardo Grellet heralds a renewed focus on promoting inclusivity and ethical standards within the sommelier profession. Updated committee rosters and member details are now available on the ASI website.

The General Assembly celebrated significant growth in ASI’s global footprint, particularly in the Asia-Pacific and South America regions. Thanks to the diligent efforts of local associations in Vietnam and Ecuador, both countries have ascended from the college of applicants to full membership status. Their active engagement, exemplified by the ASI Bootcamp in Ecuador and the Best Sommelier in French Wines contest in Vietnam, underscores the vibrant community and passion that drive the sommelier profession forward. ASI proudly welcomes two new applicants, India and Peru, to the college of applicants, bringing the total number of members to 70.

Looking ahead, ASI has unveiled an exciting lineup of events designed to engage and elevate the sommelier community worldwide. In 2024, a Bootcamp in Spain will cater to members from Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, followed by the Contest of ASI Best Sommelier of Europe, Africa, and Middle East in November in Belgrade, Serbia. Notably, this year will feature the first-ever participation of a sommelier from the Middle East, representing Lebanon.

The 2025 calendar includes the Contest of ASI Best Sommelier of the Americas in Sonoma County, California, offering a spotlight for the burgeoning local association and the renowned wine region. The ASI General Assembly will convene in South Africa, with Cape Town as the proposed venue, celebrating the association and the local wine culture. The year will also see a Bootcamp for the Asia-Pacific region and the Contest of ASI Best Sommelier of Asia Pacific in Malaysia.

Discussions are ongoing regarding the next Contest of ASI Best Sommelier of the World in Lisbon, Portugal, in 2026, with the exact dates to be communicated later.

As ASI looks forward to these initiatives and gatherings, it also commemorates its 55th anniversary, reflecting on over half a century of dedication to the art and science of sommellerie. This milestone serves as a testament to ASI’s enduring commitment to excellence, education, and the global community of wine professionals. A new logo with the tagline “Celebrating 55 Years of Excellence” has been created to celebrate this occasion.