There was much joy and pageantry in Reims, France, in early October, as ASI celebrated its 50th anniversary.

After all, anyone can celebrate an occasion with champagne. But only a community of sommeliers would celebrate with champagne, in Champagne!

After two days of General Assembly meetings, ASI’s member nations and guests enjoyed two days of eating, drinking, networking and continuing education, to celebrate such a momentous occasion.

Among the social highlights of the celebration programme at Reims was the Gala Dinner held at the invitation of Piper-Heidsieck after the completion of the General Assembly. Beyond the exceptionally well-dressed crowd and the glitz and glamour of the location, the historic rooms of Palais du Tau added further significance to the ASI story: it was in Reims that the association was first established in 1969!


Members and guests celebrating ASI’s 50th anniversary.

The evening saw sommeliers from around the world renew old acquaintances and make fresh ones. In his prepared remarks, ASI President Andrés Rosberg praised the organisation’s membership for their openness to different nations, cultures and peoples in the name of excellence in wine service. He called on the ASI members to further come together as a family and “be proud of our past, even as we look forward to the future” — such as through new continuing education initiatives and campaigns to burnish the image of sommellerie as a profession.

Congratulations ASI – 50 years old and no sign of slowing down!

Sommeliers Australia a proud member of the ASI family, and is looking forward to welcoming our Asia Oceania colleagues to Australia in 2021 for the ASI Best Sommelier of Asia Oceania competition.