Sommeliers Australia and the Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) are delighted to announce that a total of 56 Hospitality Education Grants have been awarded.

Fully funded through the generous support of WSET and ‘Hospitality Education ticket’ donors, the Hospitality Education Grant allows recipients to complete either WSET Level 1 Wines or Spirits studies, with the support of WSET Approved Programme Providers. Grant recipients situated in rural areas will receive additional support by being offered the opportunity to sit their final exam remotely.

A 1 year Professional membership has also been awarded to each grant recipient, courtesy of Sommeliers Australia.

Congratulations to:

O. Kelly P. Jade A. Queiroz
J. Waller M. Leal I. Byrne
G. McGrattan E. Ang
NSW C. Waites S. Wyllie
G. Striglio J. Rudolph S.S. Lim
C. Laurain D. Lonergan D. Bott-Wakelam
C. Castro J. Fouquet S. Herrera
D. Thaine P. Shrestha
M. Smith VIC D. Kaur
C. Diesel L. Pinheiro O. Steedman
D. Adams R. Wellard I. Byrne
K. Gill M. Bodenan B. Szlapa
A. Voliani R. Curi K. Kinzer
M. Imolesi H.Q.M. Nguyen
C. Fridegotto A. Archibald WA
R. Tetrel S. Cox C. Madalena
J. Hacquoil B. Griffiths D. Karaman
B. Wilson D. Hernandez
SA E. Resic T. Assis Fraulo
G. Suphke M. Robert
H. Stampke X. Dubina
B. Wadrop B. Virdis
N. Calder

We wish these hospitality professionals all the best with achieving their new qualification, and look forward to welcoming them to the Sommeliers Australia family!