On Monday 20 September, the Sommeliers Australia National AGM was held online, with association members and Events Committee representatives in attendance from across the country.

Sommeliers Australia is delighted to announce that the National Executive Committee for 2021/2022 was voted in by members – with some new faces joining the group and bringing with them their diverse skills and perspectives.

In addition to changes at National level, over the past couple of months nominations for the NSW, South Australian, Tasmanian, Victorian and West Australian Event Committees have been formalised and accepted, expanding the professionalism, expertise and enthusiasm of our state chapters.

Sommeliers Australia has never had such a culturally or experientially diverse cohort of Committee members, and everyone is looking forward to working together for the betterment of the association and the sommelier profession.


National Executive Committee
Sarah Andrew Ben Moechtar
Wiremu Andrews David Murphy
Chris Crawford Liam O’Brien
Marcell Kustos Bridget Raffal
Louella Mathews Greg Richardson
Kim Bickley Sarah Andrew
Jarrett Michael Buffington Wiremu Andrews
Matt Dunne Loic Avril
Saranya Kundasamy Lisa Cardelli
Louella Mathews Chris Crawford
Ben Moechtar Hannah Day
David Murphy Greg Lightfoot
Bridget Raffal Evan Milne
Greg Richardson Liam O’Brien
Mirko Scanu Noah Rozenfeld
Osvaldo Tognella
Ceri Kidby-Salom Pip Anderson
Jenny Polack Anthony-Sabastian Tran
Stan Zheng
Marcell Kustos Sarah Atkinson
Bhatia Dheeraj Yu Kurosawa
James Boden Mirco Tarducci