Registration opening in early February 2022


Certification from Association de la Sommellerie Internationale (ASI) gives sommeliers the opportunity to be recognised worldwide as having a high level of knowledge and skills. Newly ASI certified sommeliers will become part of an elite group of international, many of whom are the winners of ASI Continental and World contests!

Created to help standardise the level of sommeliers internationally, the ASI Certification is a valuable asset for a sommelier’s CV, allowing “ASI Sommeliers” to work worldwide with proof of their excellence.


On Monday 14 March 2022, ASI in conjunction with Sommeliers Australia, will again offer the ‘International ASI Diploma for Sommelier’ certification exam. The 2022 exam will be offered in both Melbourne and Sydney, and is a major opportunity for sommeliers in Australia to gain international accreditation.

The exam will be run by Sommeliers Australia, and gives Sommeliers Australia ‘Professional’ members working as sommeliers the opportunity to achieve an internationally recognised standard of sommellerie.

The ‘International ASI Diploma for Sommelier ‘certification exam has been created to help:

  • Develop the Sommelier profession;
  • Enhance the quality of Sommeliers worldwide;
  • Establish international standards for Sommeliers.



The exam will be completed in two stages:

Stage 1 – Written exam (Total time 2 hrs 55 mins)

  • Blind tasting of 2 international wines, with written commentary (30 min)
  • Identification of 3 spirits/liquor/fortified wines and 2 local beverages (10 min)
  • Questionnaire focussing on the main wine producing countries; beer, spirits and other beverages; grape varieties; viticulture; winemaking; and other topics related to the sommelier profession (90 min)
  • Essay of 500-800 words on a theme regarding the world of beverages and the art of ‘sommellerie’ (45 min)

Stage 2 – Oral and practical tests (Each candidate is allocated 15 minutes)

  • Selling a beverage: present, demonstrate and justify the choice of a beverage (4 min)
  • Decanting and serving: decant and serve a bottle of wine (6 min)
  • Food and wine match: taste and explain a food and wine match (5 min)


Details of the venue and timing of the exam will be shared with all successful candidates in late February 2022, once the number of candidates has been confirmed.



Candidates must be fully financial Sommeliers Australia ‘Professional’ members, working as a sommelier (in restaurants, wine bars, wine retail, distribution, etc), with at least 3 years sommelier experience.

Candidates must have completed at least WSET Level 3 or CMS Certified OR have equivalent industry experience.

Candidates can sit the exam in English, French or Spanish (the three official ASI languages). However, candidates who complete the exam in their native language, will only be eligible to receive the Bronze level of accreditation. Candidates who complete the exam in a foreign language will be eligible to receive Silver or Gold accreditation.


Points to note:

  1. Candidates should be aware that ASI follows a classic and logical method of tasting, service, decanting, etc.
  2. As a guideline, this exam sits between the WSET Diploma / Court of Master Sommeliers Advanced / Master Sommelier Certificates in terms of knowledge / difficulty.
  3. A high level of personal presentation is required by ASI. Please ensure that you attend the exam well presented (in uniform if appropriate to your workplace, or professional attire) and bring with you: your ID, black or blue pen(s), notebook, wine knife, matches/lighter and a service napkin.



Each candidate will need to pay an Examination Fee of A$600 which covers their ASI registration and certification.

Candidates are responsible for their own travel and associated costs to attend the exam in their selected city (Melbourne or Sydney) on Monday 14 March.



In 2022, all applicants will be required to submit registration via a ASI Diploma registration form on the ASI website from early February.

All applicants will be contacted by Sommeliers Australia to finalise the payment of the Examination Fee.

Only 8 candidate places for the ‘International ASI Diploma for Sommelier’ certification exam will be available in both Melbourne and Sydney. Applicants must be fully financial ‘Professional’ members of Sommeliers Australia and applications will be accepted on a ‘first in gets a place’ basis.

  • Applicants must be current financial ‘Professional’ members of Sommeliers Australia;
  • Applicants must be working Sommeliers (in restaurants, wine bars, wine retail, distribution, etc), with at least 3 years sommelier experience;
  • Applicants must submit the following documents with their completed Exam Registration Form:
    • A current CV (including employment and relevant study);
    • A copy of their ID (passport preferred, to prove identity and citizenship);
    • A high resolution (min. 500kb), passport-style photograph in jpeg format (for the production of the certification card).
  • Registration must be submitted before the cut-off time/date (TBA) for applicants to be considered;
  • The Examination Fee must be paid in full by the cut-off time/date;
  • The first 8 applicants to complete and submit all of the registration requirements will be offered a place to sit the exam in their selected city.


Registration to sit the 2022 ‘International ASI Diploma for Sommelier’ will open in February 2022. Further information will be circulated once confirmed by ASI.


For more information, please contact [email protected].