Since 2012, ASI (Association de la Sommellerie Internationale) has been providing exams to very high-level sommeliers, with the ASI Diploma organised by the Exam Committee (headed by Giuseppe Vaccarini) and conducted locally by ASI national association member, Sommeliers Australia.

In 2021, to encourage and support a new generation of sommeliers in developing their professional skills and education – and offer them stepping stone qualifications towards the ASI Diploma – the ASI Exam Committee has introduced two additional levels of certification: ASI Certification 1 and ASI Certification 2.

As a complete series of qualifications, the ASI Certification 1, Certification 2 and Diploma have been developed as a tool to help internationally standardise and align a sommelier’s knowledge and skills with those of their peers in other ASI member countries.

The two new levels of Certification, like the ASI Diploma, are internationally recognised qualifications.


On behalf of ASI, Sommeliers Australia is offering Professional members the opportunity to sit the ASI Certification 1 exam on Monday 21 November 2022.

The ASI Certification 1 exam will cover a wide spectrum of international knowledge and professional skills needed by a junior / assistant sommelier to perform their duties comfortably in most environments.

The focus of the assessment competencies is on brands / products / recipes / known or distributed globally, as well as viticulture, vinification, grape varieties, service etiquette, wine tasting protocols, stock management, customer care, food pairing, etc.



The assessment is a written exam with 100 questions focusing on a wide spectrum of global knowledge at a fundamental level, with questions covering wine theory, service, tasting and professional sommelier skills.

Different formats of questions including maps, short answers, fill the blank, multiple choices will be included in the exam.

The exam will be in English; candidates will have 2 hours to complete the exam.

Exam venue & time:
Exam venues and exact exam start time will be confirmed with candidates closer to the date.

Exam results:
Sommeliers Australia will conduct and invigilate the Certification 1 exam, however, all exams will be marked exclusively by the ASI Certification Exam committee.

Candidates who have successfully passed the examination will receive an ASI Certification 1 certificate, numbered and signed by the Director of the ASI Exam Committee.

View Certification 1 competencies and knowledge requirements



To be eligible to sit the exam, candidates:

  • must be a fully financial Sommeliers Australia ‘Professional’ member
  • must be a sommelier (or aspiring sommelier currently undertaking appropriate study) working in the oeno-gastronomic world (restaurants, wine bars, wine merchants, distribution, etc).



To register for the Certification 1 exam, all candidates must submit their registration no later than 12pm AEDT, Friday 4 November, and pay the $45 examination fee.

Your registration must include:

  • your name
  • email address
  • mobile number
  • the venue where you are currently working
  • the capital city where you would like to sit the exam
    (While every endeavour will be made to allow candidates to sit the exam in every state of Australia, in some instances this may not be logistically possible.)

Applicants will be contacted with a confirmation of their candidacy, and further information (including a confirmed date and time) will be provided.


CLICK HERE to register for the ASI Certification 1 Exam via Humanitix.

  • To access the Members registration, Sommeliers Australia Professional Members need to login at, click the ‘View Available Coupons’ button on the dashboard for their UNIQUE ACCESS CODE. Then proceed to Humanitix and apply the access code on the registration page to ‘Access hidden tickets’.