Chris Ryan
I am:
Head Wine Buyer, Cumulus Inc. and Cumulus Up
My role model is:
Leanne Altmann (Beverage Director, Trader House Restaurants) continues to inspire not just myself but anybody who has an interest in the world of wine.  Beyond her wealth of experience, the trait I admire most is that Leanne’s decisions are always guided by what it means for the guest and their dining experience.
What I love about my profession:
The spirit of generosity.  It could be a Sommelier organising a blind tasting, Winemakers sharing their knowledge in the winery or vineyard, a Sales Rep running across town to pour you a taste of a new vintage.  The wine profession shares a spirit of generosity that hopefully makes its way to the guest.
If I could only take two things to a desert island (that has a fridge), they would be:
A bottle of Krug ‘Clos du Mesnil’ Blanc de Blancs Champagne and an iPhone. I’d saber the Krug with a foraged abalone shell, drink it from the shell and post it on instagram. then use the Champagne foil to refract the sunlight (a kind of bourgeoisie MacGyver) and grab the attention of a low flying aircraft. I’d be saved and celebrated.
What I hope to get out of competing in the Best Sommelier of Australia 2020…
To be humbled and motivated to learn more. Be inspired by the many great competing Sommeliers.


Chris’s position in the Best Sommelier of Australia 2020 Top 12 is proudly sponsored by Torbreck.