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Date: September 23, 2017

Based on the results of the Entrance Exam, the top 12 performers will compete in the Semi Finals in Melbourne where the assessment will be conducted over two days. The top 12 candidates will be responsible for their own travel arrangements, however 2 nighTs’ accommodation in Melbourne will covered by Sommeliers Australia.

The Semi Final stage will include another written exam requiring more detailed knowledge of the above-mentioned subjects, further tasting assessments with the addition of spirits and liqueurs, and conclude with a practical element.

The sommelier profession requires so much more than detailed product knowledge; a great sommelier has poise and grace of movement, engaging communication skills, and the ability to sell an experience.

Each candidate will be asked to present and serve a bottle of wine to a table of five guests. The candidate will then be given a wine to assess verbally, looking for the same conclusions as in previous tastings. This stage is about articulation of what each candidate sees in the glass and should be approached in the way as participants would ordinarily communicate to their customers.

Candidates will need to provide some of their own equipment as required for service in a restaurant: wine knife, matches, pens and paper. Equipment will be provided for a decanting assessment.


September 23, 2017
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