On 26 February this year, 12 Member Associations of A.S.I. played host to 75 candidates for the 2018 ‘International A.S.I. Sommelier Diploma’ Certification Exam.

Assessed by the A.S.I. Exam Committee (under the guidance of Giuseppe Vaccarini), the final results revealed that 57 candidates passed, with 23 sommeliers obtaining the Gold certificate, and 34 the Silver certificate. And for the first time ever, a ‘Best of the Best’ title was awarded to Éric Zwiebel, a French sommelier from the United Kingdom.

This year Sommeliers Australia had two members sit for the Certification Exam, and both successfully passed!

Congratulations to Mattia Cianca (Gold) and Toru Takamatsu (Silver), who now join the ranks of Sommeliers who have gained A.S.I.’s internationally recognised accreditation.


And congratulations to all of our international sommelier colleagues who passed the rigorous examination process:



Mattia Cianca – Or/Gold

Toru Takamatsu – Argent/Silver



Sarah Falch – Argent/Silver

Stefan Klettner – Argent/Silver



Leagh Barkley – Argent/Silver



Goran Petric – Argent/Silver



Éric Goetelmann – Or/Gold

Christophe Martin – Argent/Silver

Alexandre Morin – Argent/Silver

Denis Verneau – Argent/Silver



Eleftherios Hanialidis – Or/Gold

Efstathios Tsokos – Or/Gold

Alexandros Bouzikas – Argent/Silver

Aristotelis Sklavavenitis – Argent/Silver

Fotios Stathopoulos – Argent/Silver

Alexandros Triantafyllou – Argent/Silver



Norbert Kovacs – Or/Gold

Mate Horvart – Or/Gold

Imre Racz – Argent/Silver



Kentaro Ikeda – Or/Gold

Takehiro Oide – Or/Gold

Masayasu Makita – Or/Gold

Makoto Abe – Or/Gold

Kenji Hayashi – Argent/Silver

Yuya Kondo – Argent/Silver

Aki Shidaka – Argent/Silver

Ryousuke Kamina – Argent/Silver

Takaaki Kosaka – Argent/Silver

Aki Sudo – Argent/Silver

Yuki Tumimitsu – Argent/Silver

Hiroyuki Mitsuoka – Argent/Silver

Mariko Watanabe – Argent/Silver

Akiho Tanaka – Argent/Silver



Philip Niels Toase – Or/Gold



Bruno Scavo – Argent/Silver



Martijn Roos – Or/Gold

Adriaan Visser – Or/Gold

Priscilla Van Der Voort – Argent/Silver



Andrey Abramov – Or/Gold

Pavel Bogdanov – Or/Gold

Max Grebenik – Or/Gold

Serguei Panov – Or/Gold

Valeria Tenison – Or/Gold

Irina Baeva – Argent/Silver

Evgeniya Nazimova – Argent/Silver

Olga Nestrueva – Argent/Silver

Gregory Podrezov – Argent/Silver

Karina Shchukina – Argent/Silver

Olga Khomchenko – Argent/Silver



Marco Skarica – Argent/Silver


South Africa

Joakim Blackadder – Argent/Silver


South Korea

Cho Hyeon Cheol – Or/Gold

Han Hyisu – Or/Gold

Jang Bori – Argent/Silver

Kim Jin Soo – Argent/Silver



Lu Kai Wen – Or/Gold


United Kingdom

Eric Zwiebel – Or/Gold / Major de Promotion