Over 60 applications were received for the 2018 Ruinart Sommeliers Challenge, from talented sommeliers across the nation. After rigorous assessment, the Top 26 has been selected to compete in next Monday’s Challenge:

Cory Morris, Bellota Wine Bar
Jenna Phillpott, Dinner by Heston Blumenthal
Marcus Radny, Jackalope Hotel
Tim O’Donnell, L’Hotel Gitan
Andres Aragon, Merivale
Mattia Antonio Cianca, Dinner by Heston Blumenthal
Justin Biskup, Rockpool Bar & Grill Melbourne
Alexandre Roger, Vue de Monde
Morgan Golledge, Blackbird Bar and Grill
Carlos Simoes, Vue de Monde
Addy Lam, Black Bar & Grill
Jaimee Pollock, Stokehouse
Isaac Hay, CBA
Max Gurtler, Momofuku Seiobo
Eleanor Ash, The Recreation
Jason Castle, Bistro Moncur
Niels Sluiman, Jonah’s Restaurant
Ellen Reinhardt, Blackbird Bar and Grill
Hamish Small, Pier Farm
Tim Perlstone, Merivale
Paolo Saccone, Dedes Group
Florian Valieres, Syracuse Restaurant
Remi Craquelin, Iki-Jime
Patrick Burgun, Solotel / Barangaroo House
Chris Ryan, Cutler & Co
Stephanie Jacob, Supernormal


Best of luck to all of you on Challenge Day!