Concours Des Jeunes Sommeliers

Since 2007, La Chaîne des Rôtisseurs has held an annual International Jeunes (Young) Sommeliers Competition to offer young sommeliers (who is at least 21 (twenty-one) and has not yet reached his or her 31st (thirty-first) birthday by the end of the month in which the competition is held) an opportunity to present their skills under highly competitive, intense and gruelling testing conditions.

There are three levels in the 2018 Young Sommelier’s competition:

  • Monday 9 April. Regional (State-based) competitions – a written theory examination
  • Monday 4 June, Adelaide. A national (Australian) final where the winners of regional competitions are invited to compete in a written theory test, a blind tasting test and a service test and
  • 18-23 September, Mexico City. An international final where the national winner is invited to again compete in a written theory test, blind wine identification tests and service tests.

The competition is based on the Court of Master Sommelier procedures.

An individual should not compete more than three times at the Regional Competition. A winner of the Regional Competition is only eligible to compete twice in the National Competition. The winner of the National competition is only eligible to compete once in an International Competition.

La Chaîne Australia supports this competition and also a parallel young chefs competition as part of its strong commitment to the ongoing development of emerging chefs and sommeliers in Australia.

Australia has been highly successful within the International Competition in recent years. Last year in Budapest Mikael Grou achieved Silver. In 2016 in Vaduz, Emmanuel Cadieu from Est Restaurant achieved third place. In 2015 in Adelaide Mattia Cianca from Attica Restaurant came third. In 2014 Australia took out Gold in Copenhagen, when Pier-Alexis Souliere from Est. was crowned World Champion. In 2013 in Washington, DC Jarrod Mills also of Est. came in third and Juki Hirose of Rockpool Bar and Grill achieved third place in Cape Town in 2012. Such a success rate is testament to the high standards set by Australian establishments.

Regional winners of appropriate standard will be invited to participate in the Australian finals in Adelaide. The Australian National winner will then be invited to attend as our guest the International finals to be held in Mexico City. The Australian National winner will also receive a cash prize of $3,000.


We invite interested Sommeliers to register their interest by email to:

John D C Studdert
Echanson d’Australie La Chaîne des Rôtisseurs
Young Sommeliers Competition Chairman of the Jury for Australia at echanson@Chaî

Please include your name, date of birth and current employer. In entering the competition you will confirm that you would be able to attend the regional, national and international competition as applicable.

Applications close on Sunday 1 April.

Please note: There is no entry fee associated with this competition.